Maastricht Underground


  • Can you visit the locations of Maastricht Underground without a guide?

    No, this is unfortunately not possible. It is easy to get lost without a professional guide. For your own safety, you can only visit Maastricht Underground with a guide.

  • Is my dog allowed to come inside Maastricht Underground?

    Dogs are allowed inside all locations of Maastricht Underground if they are on a leash and taking into account other visitors. Dogs are not allowed on kick scooter tours and children's tours.

  • Is Maastricht Underground accessible for wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, rollators, and prams?

    The North Caves and Zonneberg Caves are accessible for everyone. However, the walking distance from the meeting point to the entrance of the Zonneberg Caves is ten minutes and includes a steep climb. We therefore recommend the North Caves for standard wheelchairs. The Kazematten underground tunnels and Fort St Pieter are not accessible to wheelchairs and prams because of the staircases. Unfortunately it is not possible to make the Fort or the Kazematten more accessible due to their historical character.

  • How do you get to Maastricht Underground?

    To view information about how to get to our locations click: here

  • What is the difference between the North Caves and Zonneberg Caves?

    The entrance to the North Caves is located on Luikerweg 71, Maastricht. This is the northern entrance of the St Pietersberg hill. The entrance to the Zonneberg Caves is located on Slavante 1, Maastricht. This is the southern entrance of the St Pietersberg hill.

    Both tunnel systems were created by the extraction of marl to be used as building blocks, and are richly decorated with images, drawings, and inscriptions by artists and visitors over the centuries. The Zonneberg Caves are a spacious and structured system with high, cathedral-like tunnels.  It was therefore also used to set up the largest evacuation plan from World War II, in which 47,000 inhabitants were able to seek refuge in this system. Many remains of this plan, including the chapels, bakery, and pumping stations are still clearly visible here as reminders of a great historic event.

    The North Caves are a system with tunnels of different heights, also well-suited for children, and probably most resemble a real cave. The enormous dome created after an explosion in the eighteenth century, the centuries-old hiding place of the inhabitants of Sint Pieter, the dark Gothic tunnel, and the vault (national depository of Rembrandt's Night Watch), are unique sights of interest located inside this system. A visit to the North Caves is perfect to combine with a visit to Fort St Pieter which is situated nearby.

    Please note: guides make a selection of the places of interest to visit during the tour. If you would like to see something specific, please inform the guide of this at the start of the tour.


  • What is the route?

    Each tour has a different route and story. Our guides will enthusiastically share their own stories, anecdotes, and knowledge. They will tailor their tour – i.e. their route and their stories – to each group. Of course, each tour has its own common theme with a number of fixed elements.

  • Do scheduled tours always go ahead, even in bad weather?

    Yes, scheduled tours will go ahead regardless of the weather. However, if running the tour would represent a danger to visitors or if the weather is extreme, the tour will be cancelled. If it's bad weather, our guides will do their best to find as much shelter as possible. However, please be aware that a large part of the tour will be outside. You can buy a lovely Maastricht poncho or umbrella in our Maastricht Visitor Center, which is usually the start of a tour.

  • Can I organize a group guided tour?

    If you would like to organize a group guided tour, please contact our colleagues from Maastricht for Groups and Events at info@groups-events.nl or by telephone. +31 (0)43 -3506262. You can also contact them for a customized tour.

  • How many kilometres is the walk? Is it a lot of walking?

    The number of kilometres varies on each tour. There are regular stops along the way during which you can listen to the stories.

    Historic Heart of Maastricht: takes 1.5 hours and is about 3 km.

    Explore Maastricht Tour: takes 2 hours and is about 3.5 km.

    Hidden Places, Secret Spaces: takes 2 to 2.5 hours and is about 4.5 km.

    Highlights Tour: takes 2 hours and is about 4 km. The focus of this tour is on seeing the sights rather than on detailed information.

  • Are the tours suitable for wheelchair users?

    The ‘Historic Heart of Maastricht’ and the ‘Explorer Tour’ guided tours are suitable for wheelchair users. Unfortunately, the ‘Hidden Places, Secret Spaces’ and the ‘Highlights’ tours both cover a long distance, which means they are unsuitable for wheelchair users and people who have difficulty walking.

  • Why should I book a guided tour at Explore Maastricht?

    Going on a tour with a local guide means you will not only see the buildings in Maastricht from the outside but also hear some fantastic stories, interesting facts, and eye-opening anecdotes – information you can't just find online or in a booklet. Our guides, the ambassadors of the city, will show you Maastricht inside and out. They will make sure you don't miss the most beautiful spots in Maastricht, and will give great tips about other activities in the city, such as good restaurants and cafés.

Tickets and payment


  • Where can I purchase tickets for the standard Maastricht Underground tours?

    • You can do so online, via this website.
    • At the central Maastricht Underground ticket office (address: Luikerweg 71). The ticket office is located at the starting point for tours of the North Caves and Fort St Pieter. You can purchase tickets for all our tours and locations here as well.
    • At the Maastricht Visitor Center (VVV, Kleine Staat 1, Maastricht).

    We recommend that you purchase your tickets online, so that you are 100% guaranteed to take part in the tour. You can purchase tickets at the location based on availability. It is possible that tickets for a tour are sold out. Each guided tour allows a maximum number of participants.

  • Can I book a tour by telephone?

    This is not an option for the standard tours, as direct payment is required. Customized programmes can be put together by telephone. Please call one of our advisers, preferably well ahead of the desired tour date, on +31 (0)43-3506262.

  • Do I need to print my e-ticket?

    No, that is not necessary. You can also bring a digital version of your ticket. Your ticket contains a QR code which can be scanned from your mobile phone screen.

  • I have a voucher or discount code. How do I use it?

    • If you have a physical voucher that does not have a code, it needs to be handed in to be used. You can redeem your voucher at the central Maastricht Underground ticket office at Luikerweg 71.
    • If you have a voucher with a discount code or a loose discount code, you can redeem it in our online ticket shop. Enter the discount code in the shopping basket. The discount will be calculated automatically. You can also redeem your voucher at the Maastricht Underground ticket office on Luikerweg 71.
  • I have a voucher or voucher code. How do I use it?

    Vouchers need to be redeemed for a valid ticket for a specific date and time. This can be done online at maastrichtunderground.nl/voucher/ or at the central Maastricht Underground ticket office at Luikerweg 71, Maastricht.

  • Does Maastricht Underground accept the CJP culture discount card?

    School groups can pay for a group reservation with the CJP culture discount card.