Explore Maastricht with an Official Maastricht Guide. They share their stories and proudly show you their personal Maastricht. Discover what is concealed behind the walls and what lies hidden underground... Our guides take you on a tour through the city and take you to places you wouldn't usually go. With a city guide, you discover and see more. Our guides have access to places in Maastricht where nobody else can go, both above ground and underground.


Dear visitor and lover of underground and above-ground Maastricht,
Some of our Underground activities will be open again as from 1 June!
We are, of course, thrilled to announce this and are looking forward to seeing you again and taking you along with us into our unique subterranean world.

To make sure that we can continue to give you our guided tours in the future, we have taken a number of measures for both your and our safety.

Click here for more information about the measures.


Have you heard about the Mosasaurus? Have you seen the Roman bridge? What do you know about the siege of Maastricht, the French occupation, Petrus Regout, or the Treaty of Maastricht? Did you know that Maastricht is the only city in the Netherlands to have more national monuments than Amsterdam? And did you know that Maastricht is the city with the most bars and cafés? But you probably discovered that fact already... The Maastricht guides are experts at building bridges between people, stories, eras, and locations. They also know how to channel the good life and the spirit of Maastricht (Mestreechter Geis). There is always  plenty to see and do in Maastricht.