Caves of St Pietersberg hill

Deep below the St Pietersberg hill lies hidden a very unique piece of Maastricht history. Journey 30 metres below ground with one of our Official Maastricht Guides during a visit to the caves in St Pietersberg hill. No reception, no sound, no light... But you do get a glimpse of the 60-kilometre-long tunnel system made up of about 8,000 passages and a guide who takes you on a journey back in time and tells you the stories about the intriguing events that once took place here.  

The North Caves
The North Caves resemble a magical underground museum with unique charcoal drawings, inscriptions, and paintings that all have a tale to tell. Unlike the Zonneberg Caves (Grotten Zonneberg), the North Caves are a system with low and high-ceilinged tunnels. During the Second World War, the two caves were used in different ways. The North Caves were used as a hiding place for some of the most famous Dutch works of art. 

TIP: If you want a more active underground experience, then the North Caves Adventure is just the thing for you and your group.

Zonneberg Caves
The Zonneberg Caves is a spacious and structured system of tunnels. During a guided tour with an experienced local guide you will wind your way through the tunnels and pass the many names and drawings on the walls. These historic inscriptions come to life and are imbued with unique meanings thanks to the stories told by the guide, especially when you consider that the vast corridors of this system were used as a shelter for the civilian population during the Second World War.

Tip: Did you know that you can also visit the Zonneberg Caves with a kick scooter? Zoom silently through time with a professional guide. The advantage of visiting the caves with the kick scooter is that you can go further into the caves and discover a great deal more.

The Vault
The North Caves were used as a hiding place for some of the most famous Dutch works of art where they were kept inside a special national depository. If you book a guided tour for a group, a visit to this vault is a guaranteed part of the tour.